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Assinatura Papel contrato


International Trading Business


1. Buyer Issues Letter of Intent (LOI), with the LOI Buyer has to provide BCL (Bank Conformation Letter) on Bank Letter Head, BCL need to show fresh date (not older as 3 Working Days) and contact details of the Bank Officer. Please, be aware that the Buyer's LOI MUST be addressed to our Collaborator. LOI need to be with a fresh date and not older as 3 Working Days. LOI’s without any date or with a date older as 3 Working Days will be not accepted and rejected.


2. Seller Issues Full Corporate Offer (FCO). Once the price, payment terms and other conditions has been discussed and agreed by Buyer and Seller on the mutual terms. FCO is always valid for 5 Working Days, after 5 Working Days the FCO expire and our quote is no more valid, Buyer can extend FCO by requesting officially an extension of the FCO. Extension Request need to include the exact reasons why Buyer is requesting an extension and Buyer need to provide a solid and an exact timeline of the execution. A second extension is not possible.


3. Buyer Issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO). In Buyer's ICPO, the price, payment terms and other conditions agreed on the mutual terms, MUST be on ICPO.


4. Upon receiving the ICPO, Seller issues Draft Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA). Buyer reviews the Draft Sales and Purchase Agreement and if any changes needed to be done, these issues will be discussed and agreed on the mutual decision to put on the Sales and Purchase Agreement for signing and sealing.


5. Buyer signs the Sales and Purchase Agreement and send it back to Seller, Seller signs the Sales and Purchase Agreement and sealed It and send it back to Buyer.


6. Seller now issues Proforma Invoice to get the Draft of Document of Credit (SBLC / DLC / TT).


7. Buyer provides the Draft of Documents of Credit (SBLC / DLC / TT) via Bank to Bank to the Seller for getting approval from the Seller Bank. This need to be done within 5 Working Days, in case Buyer or Buyers Bank need more time to issue the Draft Documents an official Statement of Buyers Bank need to be issued to Sellers Bank.


8. The buyer's bank issues SBLC / DLC  (MT 700/760) as a guarantee for one month and sends it to the seller's bank within 5 days. The bank instrument must be revolving, transferable, irrevocable, divisible, operational, renewable and confirmed by top 50 bank.


9. Upon receipt of the Operative Document of Credit, the Seller starts the loading procedures of the goods within 15 to 20 working days.


10. Once the loading is completed, the Seller ’s Bank sends copies/ scan of Shipping Documents to the Buyer ’s Bank.


11. Buyer ’s Bank releases the full payment of the first shipment value by MT103/TT at loading port with in Five (5) banking days AFTER receiving original of the BL and certificates of an acredited agency and the FULL set of Shipping Documents.


12. The vessel leaves the port of loading towards the port of destination.

Procedure for Offering Samples

Our company provides samples on some products, please follow the instructions below to request them. It's important to note that to send out samples, a negotiation has to be in place, otherwise, your request will be denied. 


  1. Sample Request:

    • The buyer initiates the sample request by contacting the company through email and specifies the type and quantity of samples required, providing any necessary details such as product specifications, variants, or special requirements.

    • Note: The quantity of samples will be limited to 1 kilogram (1kg) or 1 liter (1L) or less, depending on the destination country's rules and regulations regarding sample shipments.

  2. Sample Approval:

    • Our company will review the request and assesses the feasibility of providing the requested samples.

    • If the requested samples are available and meet the company's criteria, approval is granted.

  3. Notification and Pickup Details:

    • The company notifies the buyer of the approval and provides details on where the samples can be picked up.

    • The seller specifies the location and address from where the samples are available for pickup.

    • IMPORTANT: Please note that our company does not take care of logistics to send samples.

  4. Arrangement of Logistics by Buyer:

    • The buyer is responsible for arranging the logistics, including selecting a courier service for sample pickup.

    • The buyer may choose their preferred courier service and coordinate the pickup from the designated location provided by the company.

  5. Sample Pickup:

    • The buyer's chosen courier service picks up the samples from the designated location as specified by the company.

    • IMPORTANT: Buyer shall communicate the schedule date and time that the pickup will occur and also inform the courier.

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